Order of Knights
Henry III. the Illustrious
Conrad the Great, progenitor of the Wettins

The place of birth and the exact date of his birth are not known. Only the chronicle of Lautberg records the date of his death as 5 February 1157, at which time Conrad the Great is said to have been 59 years old. The chronicler of the Lauterberg Chronicle belonged to the convent of the Augustinian canons on the Lauterberg, so this date is not implausible. The canons had the task of keeping the memory of the deceased alive. Conrad's grave is still in the collegiate church today in the 21st century. Konrad's father, Count Thimo, uncle of Heinrich I of Eilenburg, who died in 1 103, and brother of Margrave Dedo IL of Ostmark. His mother Ida was a daughter of Otto of Northeim, who was Duke of Bavaria from 1061 to 1070. It can therefore be assumed that Conrad was already related to the ruling houses of his time and that his parents were not without wealth.

Conrad himself married the daughter of the Swabian Count Adalbert of Elchingen before 1119; she was named Luitgard. This union produced 5 sons and 6 daughters. Konrad had possessions, some of which still came from his father's estate or from the inheritance of his uncle Wilhelm v. Camburg. In his wedding year, Konrad gave the monastery of Reinhardsbrunn goods and tithes as well as the parish church of Torgau. Three years earlier, in 1116, he gave the monastery the village of Launitz and half of the forest there. This place is today's Klosterlausnitz.
Already during his lifetime, i.e. one year before his death, Konrad divided his possessions among his 5 sons. The reason for this can presumably be seen in the world situation, which seemed shaky to him at the time, and his religious attitude. His sons received the following territories:

A) Otto, called the Rich
de. 1190, was married to Hedwig of Ballenstedt, a daughter of Albrecht the Bear, received the Mark of Meissen,- 4 children were born of this union.

1. Albrecht the Proud † 1195
Margrave of Meissen, married Sophia of Bohemia on 23 April 1 186, she was the daughter of Duke Friedrich of Bohemia. His daughter Christiane married Hartmann IV of Lobdeburg.

2. Dietrich the afflicted †1221
Margrave of Meissen and the Ostmark (today's Lower Lusatia) married Jutta, the daughter of the Thuringian Landgrave Hermann L, but also had other illegitimate unions from which children were born.

The children Hedwig † before 1249, buried in Bedburg Monastery, was married to Dietrich IV of Cleves, Otto † presumably until August 1214, Sophia † 17. 3. 1280, married to Heinrich III. (VIII.) of Henneberg, Konrad, Illegitim, monk at Erfurt.

Henry the Illustrious, Margrave of Meissen and Lower Lusatia * 1218
†1288, he is reported about later.
Dietrich illegitimate, later bishop of Naumburg Heinrich, illegitimate, provost of Meissen Jutta, illegitimate ?, existence not exactly explained

B) Dietrich, of Landsberg
de. 1185, Margrave of Ostmark was married in his first marriage to Luitgard of Poland, in addition he had a relationship with Kunigunde of N. His children from the first relationship were Konrad † 1175 and Gertrud, she was a nun in the monastery of Gerbstedt, from the secondary relationship came Dietrich † 1215, Bishop of Merseburg.

C) Dedo V. of Groitzsch/Rochlitz
dece. 1190, Margrave of Ostmark, was married to Mathilde v. Heinsberg and had 6 children:

Dietrich, who was first canon of Magdeburg and from 1190 Count of Groitzsch/Sommerschenburg, died in 1207 and was married to Jutta, daughter of Ludwig III of Thuringia, a Ludowiger.
Phillipp was provost in Xanten
Konrad v. Landsberg, Margrave of Ostmark, married to Elisabeth v. Poland
Agnes married to Berthold VI of Andechs, Margrave of Istria and Duke of Merania

D) Heinrich I.
dece. 1181 became Count of Wettin and married Sophia de Austria, his sons were Henry II of Wettin †1187, Konrad and Ulrich of Wettin †1216 with his son Henry III of Wettin this line died out in 1217. The daughter Sophia was married to Burchard III, Burgrave of Magdeburg.

E) Friedrich I. of Brehna
dece. 1181 Count of Brehna was married to Hedwig of Moravia. From the marriage
†1221 verm. with Jutta v. Ziegenhain as well as Sophia, she became abbess of Quedlinburg.
Frederick II continued the line with his sons Otto II †1234 and Dietrich I †1266/67. His daughter Hedwig married Dietrich I of Honstein, the daughter Luitgard was a nun in Brehna..

The line of the Counts of Brehna, who only called themselves Counts, not Margraves, continued until Heinrich III himself had descendants. Until Heinrich came of age, the consent of the Counts of Brehna was always required as his co-heirs.

The daughters of Conrad the Great, Oda and Bertha were abbesses in the monastery at Gerbstedt, Agnes abbess in the monastery at Quedlinburg.
Gertrud was married to the Count Palatine of the Rhine, Adela in her first marriage to Adalbert of Ballenstedt and Sophia took Gebhardt I of Burghausen as her husband.

Leitspruch der Wettiner