Order of Knights
Henry III. the Illustrious

1. Knighthood of Henry III the Illustrious

The Order of Knights was founded under the name Henry III the Illustrious, based on the first Thuringian landgrave from the Wettin house. The Order of Knighthood works in the regional association SIFEB e. V. Fürstenstrasse der Wettiner as a supporting partner and also maintains a close relationship with the Studiengruppe für Sächsische Geschichte und Kultur e. V. (Study Group for Saxon History and Culture) under the chairmanship of Dr. Albert Prince of Saxony, Duke of Saxony and Princess Elmira of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony, who are also the patrons of the Order of Knighthood.
On manifold participations in public events, be it the Thuringia Day as well as in various events in the catchment area of the Regional Association Sifeb or through lectures and enrichment at the project days at the partner schools.
Many people have already been able to gain an insight into the history of the Wettins.
Ritterorden Heinrich III. der Erlauchte
Order of Knights
Henry the III.
the Illustrious

2. Fürstenstraße of the Wettin Regional Association SIFEB e. V.

The Wettin Princes' Route is a holiday route under construction. This project was launched in 1994 on the Saale at the ancestral castle of all the Wettins still alive today. In the meantime, several towns and municipalities, associations and many interested individuals have joined the Fürstenstrasse. They can be found in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Thuringia, Bavaria and Austria. We have a partnership with the Styrian Castle Association in Graz. Our regional association gave itself the epithet Saale-Ilm-Finne-Elster-Burgenland (SIFEB) because we are active beyond the borders of Thuringia, and our members are also widely scattered. We are an independent, non-profit-making association whose main task is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Wettin dynasty and to bring these historical values closer to the people, especially nowadays. Our headquarters are in the most beautiful small town in Thuringia - the spa and wine town of Bad Sulza. It is world-famous for the EXPO 2000 project, the Toskana Therme spa and Thuringia's only winery. We see ourselves as an association of historically interested amateur researchers, chroniclers as well as towns and municipalities who want to contribute to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage.
The aim of our regional association is to ultimately make the Central German cultural landscape more interesting for tourists through our voluntary commitment.

Frstenstrae der Wettiner
Princely Road of the Wettins

3. Study Group for Saxon History and Culture e. V.

The Study Group was founded on 30 January 1961 by Prince Frederick Christian of Saxony and his sons Prince Emanuel and Prince Albert.
In 2001, the Study Group celebrated its 40th anniversary.
Thanks to the untiring voluntary commitment of their Royal Highnesses Dr. Albert Prince of Saxony, Duke of Saxony and wife Elmira Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony, many members are able to expand their knowledge of the history of the Wettin House.
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, members from eastern Germany have also joined. There has been close contact and active cooperation with Thuringia in particular for several years.
Mantelwappen der Wettiner
Mantelwappen der Wettiner